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Each and every day, you wake up and try to put your best face forward. You choose the best cleansers, the most hydrating moisturisers, and the most radiant blushers. However, skin that looks great on the outside, may not always be good on the inside. To help keep skin looking youthful, flawless, and beautiful, you need to focus on internal hydration.

Good skin has three features. First, its texture is hydrated and lacks fine lines. Second, the colour of the skin is not pigmented or red. Third, the skin is firm and supple with sufficient elasticity.

Our clinic provides an effective solution for your dehydrated skin. JUVÉDERM replenishes the lost hydration within your skin and gives it back its elasticity.
JUVÉDERM's results are also long-term and experienced by more than 95% of successful patients.

Improve Your Skin with JUVÉDERM

The JUVÉDERM product line has been specifically designed to help your skin achieve all of these high standards, improving not only how you look today, but how you'll look tomorrow - thanks to the long-term effect of hydration boosters. JUVÉDERM products can be used to enhance your most beautiful facial features by shaping your face, smoothing fine lines and folds, and improving your skin's overall quality.

Results that Last Up to 9 Months

Just a single VOLITE treatment can improve your skin's hydration for up to 9 months. The results are noticeable and will help improve elasticity and texture, while decreasing dryness, roughness, skin depressions, and crepiness. More than 95% of patients see improved skin quality after treatment, and you can too.

JUVÉDERM is the world's leading brand for hyaluronic acid facial fillers, with more than 32 million treatments done worldwide. You can trust that JUVÉDERM for beautiful, lasting results.

Do you have questions about this or other treatment options? Reach out to our clinic and schedule a consultation with one of our staff.

Why Moisturisers, Serums, and Masks Aren’t Effective

Our skin is made up of about 30% water, which contributes to its plumpness, elasticity, and resilience. The moisturisers, serums, and masks that we use on the outer layers of our skin act as barriers and help prevent the skin from losing its moisture. However, these substances only work on the surface - on the epidermis - and do not penetrate into the deeper dermis layer. This means they only temporarily and superficially hydrate the skin.

In order to see improvement in your skin's texture and elasticity, the intra-dermal layer needs to be properly hydrated. JUVÉDERM VOLITE does this by hydrating your skin from within. If you have dry skin; skin that is oily on the surface but dehydrated underneath; the desire to maintain your skin's quality and enhance your skin's general health; or if you have undergone laser or other procedures that dehydrate your skin - then you are a likely candidate for JUVÉDERM VOLITE.

Each patient’s goals,
ideals and lifestyles are different,
and we will work with you to tailor treatments that suit you;
these may be non-surgical or surgical procedures.
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