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Liposuction/ Vaser Liposelection

Many men and women struggle with some area of their body - an area that diets and exercise don’t seem to have an effect on. Whether it's their chin, stomach, underarms, thighs, or some other part of their body, extra fat and flab can leave a person feeling self-conscious. These unflattering areas of the body can cause a person to hide under layers of clothing. But it doesn't have to be this way.

Target and Eliminate Unsightly Fat

LipoSelection is a fat reduction technique that can finally eliminate extra flab, allowing you to feel more confident in your own skin. Offered only by VASER, LipoSelection is a new technology that allows your physician to precisely remove any unwanted fat around the most stubborn areas of your body. LipoSelection has been successfully used to remove fat around the neck, tummy, buttocks, thighs, and many other areas.

Liposuction / Vaser Liposelection
If you've been unsuccessful in getting rid of stubborn fat in certain areas of your body, our clinic provides VASER LipoSelection for immediate results in fat removal that leaves you feeling natural and confident in your body.

How It Works

Using state-of-the-art ultrasound technology, LipoSelection is able to reshape your problem areas and improve your confidence through a safe and effective process of permanent fat cell reduction. LipoSelection is the only method to employ the patented VASER system, which first liquifies your unwanted fat, then removes it from the body. This provides smooth, natural, and flawless-looking results. Prior to the procedure, the area will be filled with a special saline solution designed to help numb the area and temporarily shrink blood vessels (in order to minimise blood loss and reduce bruising). This solution also makes it easier for the VASER system's sound energy to break up the fat in the area, making it easier to remove. The liquified fat is then removed using a gentle suction process that minimises damage to surrounding tissues. The slimming results are instant, and recover only takes a few short weeks.

Better Results than Liposuction

Compared to Liposuction, LipoSelection provides smoother results, with less bruising and discomfort. The special saline injections used prior to fat removal helps to keep patients comfortable throughout the relatively quick and simple process. Also, one or multiple areas of the body can be treated during a single visit. With a proper consultation before the procedure, you should be able to reduce your trouble spots with just one single LipoSelection procedure.
Do you have questions about this or other treatment options? Reach out to our clinic and schedule a consultation with one of our staff.

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