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Crisalix 3D Consultation

When considering plastic surgery, what is on patients’ minds most is:

“How will I look like afterwards?”

With the Crisalix 3D plastic surgery simulator, our clinic can now help patients visualise their desired outcomes better and give them greater peace of mind.

Get scanned by doctor or start from home

Get scanned by doctor or start from home

During the consultation, your body is scanned from different directions to create a 3D image.

Alternatively, you can start at home by uploading 3 photos of yourself then modify and discuss the 3D with the doctor during consultation.

Visualize 3D

A 3D image is then generated, and you will be able to visualise the modifications that you would like to make.

Different sizes, shapes and brands of breast implants can be simulated on your 3D image, allowing you to accurately visualise the outcome of your surgery.

Different implants can be compared side by side, so that you can select the option that suits you best.

Visualize 3D
Access 3D remotely

Access 3D remotely

At the end of the consultation, the doctor will give you access to your 3D simulations so that you can view them at home or on your mobile device.

Each patient’s goals,
ideals and lifestyles are different,
and we will work with you to tailor treatments that suit you;
these may be non-surgical or surgical procedures.
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